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I once had a dream where Gwen Stacy was the photographer and she allied with Spiderman to take his pictures and split the money


most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later



Dean doesn’t know how to tell Sam that he’s fucking Cas, so he just doesn’t tell Sam. And doesn’t tell Sam. And keeps fucking Cas. And doesn’t tell Sam.

Sam is too much of a gentleman to state the obvious - he always promised himself that he would let Dean come out in his…


real life high school advice:

  • dont slack 
  • be friends with everyone 
  • kiss ass like there is no tomorrow

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John lose it part 2!!

Badass John is back! Things happen when it got too hot in the con!

p0tat0bunny99 as John (you’re badass that day you father of a potato!)